Lake Spanaway is proud to be apart of Pierce County Golf and the Chambers Bay Golf Academy. 

Our goal is to serve you through carefully designed programs that cater to golfers of all ages and abilities.

Whether you are a top player or just getting started, let us find the champion golfer in you.


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To maximize your learning and improvement, I recommend that
Instruction Packages are completed within 60 days.

Private Lesson:  60-minute instruction with video analysis, follow-up email and drills. $100

The Fundamentals:  This instruction series focuses on teaching the importance of a proper stance, a proper grip and swinging the club on the proper plane. 
(3 Lessons - $250)

The Short Game:  This package is designed to help the student understand and develop the differences in technique regarding chipping, pitching and sand bunker play.
(4 Lessons - $320)

Finding the Fairway:  This lesson series will focus on hitting the Driver, Fairway wood and Hybrid off the Tee Box.  Playing from the fairway greatly improves your ability to lower your score.  This lesson package also includes instruction on course management. (2 Lessons - $180)

Greens In Regulation - Iron Play:  Greens in Regulation is the most important statistic in golf.  To play golf well, you must be a good iron player.  This instruction series will help the student develop and understand the differences in hitting the short irons, mid irons and the long irons. (3 Lessons - $250)

“Aim Point” Putting Technique:  Aim Point is a putting technique that is used widely by top players on the PGA and LPGA tours.  The Aim Point method provides a technique to increase your ability to read the greens correctly and sink more putts. (2 Lessons - $180)

Head Golf Professional | Lake Spanaway Golf Course

The best part of my job is being able to help those who share the same passion for the game of golf!  Whether your passion for golf is just emerging or it’s been a part of your life for a while, I welcome the opportunity to help you improve your playing and enjoyment of the game.

Instruction can be a bit overwhelming at first…there is a lot of communication and sharing of key fundamentals to help each student build a simple and consistent swing.  To help with that, I have found sending follow-up emails after every session is invaluable.  Lesson follow-up emails include a summary of “Key Points” taught during that lesson, video swing analysis (if taken) and drills to help you re-enforce “new” learnings.

Each of us have our own swing, what I have found to be most important is:
  • Is the clubface angle square at impact?
  • Is the club’s path coming into the ball, down the line when striking the ball?
  • Is your swing simple and repeatable?
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Coaching at the course.
Coaching at the course.

Assistant Golf Professional, PGA Associate

We have a new addition to our teaching staff here at Lake Spanaway Golf Course, Ayden Ganitano has recently been accepted into the PGA Associate Program and has his sights on becoming a member of the PGA TOUR.  Ayden currently is very active in teaching The First Tee classes in addition to private lessons as well.

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Programs/Group Clinics

Saving Par is a weekly group instruction program that combines both instruction and on course play.  Each weekly session begins with instruction on a specific part of the short game; chipping, pitching, putting, uneven lies and green side bunker shots followed by “on course” competition. This monthly recurring short game series tracks your progress and allows you to learn with other players with a common goal!

$200 per month (4 weeks), limited to 8 students per session.
Every Tuesday at 4pm.
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This lesson package will provide instruction with regards to all the basics the student will need to begin playing golf.  Driving the ball, hitting irons, short-game techniques and putting.  The last session of this package concludes with the students out on the course playing golf. 

$200 per month (4 weeks), limited to 8 students per session.
Every Thursday at 4pm.
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USchedule - Clinic Dates
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